Use Google SEO Tools and Resources

Google SEO tools help bloggers and online marketers improve their website performance. Let’s examine Google’s online marketing tools that are available to you.

But, first, what is SEO and how does it relate to Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a subset of internet marketing. SEO is a group of methods used to drive traffic to a website from search engines.

Google, as you know, is the proprietor of Google Chrome. The world’s most used search engine ( They have made SEO resources available for business owners. SEO tools and guides for websites to rank higher in Google search results. Google’s applications assist internet marketers with search engine optimization strategies.

How does Google SEO Work?

Google is a pivotal content platform. Websites that are SEO optimized rank higher in Google search engines. Google frowns on bad SEO practices. Matter of fact, they penalize websites that use those methods. Thus, use Google marketing tools to promote good SEO practices.

Google SEO Marketing Tools

Here is a list of online marketing tools provided by Google. These tools assist marketers with implementing the best Google SEO practices. They are all free to use and highly recommended.

Use Google SEO Tools to help with your online marketing strategy.

01. Google Chrome Search Engine


Google search engine receives billions of search queries every day. People want to know things, so they turn to Google. Coining the phrase “ask Google”. Hence, you will find SEO keywords to rank for in Google Search Engine. With this SEO trick, you can find LSI keywords, Google suggestions, and similar keywords. Google SERPS is also one of the dominant places to find long-tail SEO keywords.

LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are similar terms to a user’s search query. When a user enters a search term, Google’s search engine suggests related words and phrases. You will see LSI keywords at the bottom of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). It’s about 8 entries under the header-related searches.


Google Suggest

Google suggests are the keywords seen when the autocomplete algorithm is active. It is a function of Google’s search engine that provides suggestions while a user enters a search query. If you go to and type in the “online marketing” search query. You will see a drop-down list with autocompleted options that Google is suggesting to you. Such as:


Similar Keywords and SERPs

You can find SEO keywords by looking at the list in SERPs as well. Using our online marketing search query again, you will see a section at the top named “People Also Ask”. That section provides a list of keywords bloggers can use to write articles.


When you enter a search query, Google returns the best options in SERPs. But they also may provide synonyms to your search query. Looking for synonyms after you enter a search term is a good way to find similar keywords. Hence, for the search for “online marketing,” Google also included in SERPs “digital marketing” articles.


Try Google Chrome

02. Google Search Central


A long time ago, this platform was Google Search Console, and then Google Webmasters Tool. But, now it is Google Search Central. This SEO tool allows you to see issues relating to your site that Google has detected.

See what keywords your site is ranking for and which pages are showing up in Google search. You can also check website traffic. Monitor where, when, and how website visitors are finding your website. Webmaster tools are free.

Create an account, submit your website and verify your submission. Then use the services to check the indexing status of your website. Optimize the visibility of your website. Ensure Google’s search engine is indexing your website and not encountering errors.

Try Google Search Central

03. Google Keyword Planner


Improving your content marketing strategy is a step in the right direction. You must find the best SEO keywords that will drive visitors to your website.

Keyword Planner is used to determine Google SEO Keyword ranking. By using the features provided you can research keywords to target. It is a dynamic free keyword research tool that suggests keyword ideas across various niches.

GKP’s main purpose is for creating internet advertisements to target the right customers. But content marketers use it smartly. Rather than only relying on it for advertisement, they use it to find Google SEO keywords.

Try Google Keyword Planner

04. Google Trends


Looking for the latest trends to create content about hot topics. Google trends help you keep up with what is currently interesting to people. It allows you to explore topics and monitor how often that topic is being searched.

This is an intuitive marketing tool that enables the analysis of internet search data. It analyzes the behavior of users, trends, and search patterns across demographics and geographic locations.

How to use Google Trends for keyword research? Google trends allow you to explore relevant topics. You can monitor how often persons request a particular search term. Determine what your customer’s current interests are. Create content to attract them based on their interests.

With this content strategy, you can write blog posts relevant to your audience. Plus, insert the relevant top searched queries in the article, to direct traffic to your website.

Try Google Trends

05. Google PageSpeed Insights


As Google Chrome is the most used browser, Google can define what a fast or slow website is. With Google Page Speed Insights, you can test your website speed. Using this SEO optimization tool, you can see website loading and usability issues. Google Page Speed identifies the issues with your website that will hurt your SEO. Once it does that, you must fix them.

Getting a 100% score with this tool will take some hard work and troubleshooting. But, it’s well worth it, because search engines not only look for the keywords on a website. The Google SEO algorithm also checks to see if the website will render information fast.

You can monitor how your site looks on various devices, whether desktop or mobile. The results help you see whether your website loads well. Check if you have to make tweaks to improve your website’s usability. Using this tool is simple. Enter your website URL and the tool will check your website performance immediately. Then render its results and recommendations.

Try Google PageSpeed Insights

06. Google Business Profile on Maps


It is no doubt that Google has become the most used search engine. You use it to find a restaurant nearby; you use Google. When you need to find places to stay on a travel vacation, you use Google for that as well. Let’s say you are a well-established business in your city, and you are pretty famous, but do travelers know that? Are they going to find you when they search Google? Will your business, show up on the screen when they are looking for something that your business has?

Google Maps is a resourceful geographical location tool. Many use Google Maps to find the location and contact information of businesses and people. Business enterprises with a physical space must use Google Maps for marketing by setting up a Business Profile. Doing so is good for your local SEO initiative. So, set up your Google business Profile right now on Google Maps. It’s very simple.

With Google Maps, customers can find your business. When users search for businesses like yours in your jurisdiction, your entity will also show up in SERPs.

Try Google Business Profile

07. Google Analytics


Entrepreneurs capitalize on Google SEO Analytics to track the exposure a website is getting.

This tool provides continuous stats and insights about your website. Once set up, you can track traffic in Real-time and see the keywords they entered to land on your website. Use the statistics to better understand your customers.

Does Google teach SEO? Yes, thankfully they do. At the Google Analytics Academy, you will find free courses. The course Google Analytics 4 gives you a Google SEO certification. That course shows new users how to create an account for measuring website traffic. You will learn how to use the Google Analytics interface and website tracking code.

Try Google Analytics

Closing: How to Do Google SEO Yourself?

Google SEO tools are powerful. As a website owner, blogger, or online marketer you must always improve your internet marketing strategies. Google recommends you use their tools to rank higher in SERPs.

Ensure your website is being crawled by Google with Webmaster. Find Google SEO keywords to create relevant content for your audience. You can use Google Keyword Planner as an SEO keyword research tool.

Rely on Google Trends to analyze internet search patterns. Customers must be able to locate your business on Google Maps. Use Google Page Speed Insights to check that your website is fast across all devices. Track your website’s stats and traffic in real-time with Google Analytics.

Hope these Google SEO tips for improving search engine optimization were helpful.

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